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Snow Removal for the Okanagan Valley

December and January bring plenty of snow to the Okanagan Valley. Emerald Irrigation & Landscape Construction is equipped with an array of snowploughs, snow scoops and ice control equipment to keep your property clear of it. Whether you need us for your long driveway and sidewalks or at your place of business, we can accommodate your snow removal needs. We even have trucks available to haul snow away from your parking lot.

Snow Removal Tips
Snow removal of city sidewalks has become a legal requirement in most cities. If shoveling by hand is your method of choice, remember that doctors report most back and muscle injuries occur after a large snowfall. Most of these injuries occur due to improper procedure. Anytime you need to shovel snow by hand or do any type of physical work in a cold environment remember the following tips:
  • Be sure to stretch so you don’t pull your muscles
  • Try to push snow instead of lifting it with the shovel
  • If you need to lift a shovel full of snow use your legs to lift, not your back

When you hire Emerald for snow removal, our experienced operators perform the snow removal process safely, efficiently and without damage to your pavement.