Keep your yard and garden green all summer long

Highlight Your Landscape with Landscape Lighting

Extend your living space outdoors with landscape lighting from Emerald Irrigation & Landscape Construction. We specialize in low voltage lighting which is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and effects. Consult with our professionals about how we can accentuate your landscape while making it less intruder friendly.

Shedding Light on a New Landscaping Trend
Low voltage outdoor lighting is becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to change the nighttime appearance of your business, turning it into a calming, warm, and inviting place. There are many different styles and lighting effects that are available with this type of outdoor lighting that will complement any landscaping you may have. Patios, decks, and walkways are some of the most prevalent areas in which people install low voltage lighting. There are even lighted patio stones available if you are installing a new patio.

Outdoor Lighting as a Safety Feature
There are many reasons to add low voltage lighting to your landscaping. It can of course be helpful as a safety feature, allowing people to see where they are walking in low-light conditions. Security is also a consideration; a well-lit home is one that is less of a target for a burglar. We can arrange your lights so any movements made on the property will be more noticeable.