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Penticton’s Certified Irrigation Professionals

Emerald Irrigation & Landscape Construction’s team of certified irrigation designers, technicians and auditors design, install and repair irrigation systems. We believe having a beautiful landscape does not have to mean sacrificing your weekend to keep it healthy. Our irrigation systems save you hours of hard work and keep your yard the envy of the neighbourhood!

Why Install an Automatic Irrigation System in Penticton?
Saving you from sweating isn’t the only benefit of installing an irrigation system on your property. Consider some of the many advantages:
  • It will keep your lawn and garden attractive throughout the growing season
  • If you like to vacation in the summertime, an irrigation system will take care of your lawn while you’re away
  • When it comes to water conservation, an irrigation system is far more efficient than watering by hose or sprinkler
  • It prevents soil nutrients from leaching due to overwatering
  • A professionally designed, installed and maintained system is a great investment to make in the value of your home

Proper design and installation is of high importance, especially in townships with irrigation bylaws. Our professionals take into consideration: complete coverage design, sprinkler head selection, backflow preventers, filters, valves, gallons per minute, and many other factors to provide you with an ideal system for your needs. If you have any questions or need repairs done to your existing system, please contact us.